What Does LamzOaks Mean?

  • LamzOaks is a fusion of two West African nicknames meaning my wealth has arrived and may God’s efforts not be in vain. 

Can We Submit A Real Wedding Story To Your Blog?

  • Of course! Please send us an email with your story along with a high-resolution file photos. When submitting the photos, please send via drop box not via email. 

What Is LamzOaks?

  • LamzOaks is a vendor based website that focuses on connecting African and highly experienced American Vendors together for your African event based in the US. In addition, plan all events from surprise parties to weddings! 

There Are Only A Few Vendors Per Category Listed, Are You Going To Receive More Vendors?

  • We are on a constant search for qualified and best in class vendors and because of this, we believe in quality over quantity. 

Can I Recommend A Vendor?

  • We love vendor recommendations!! Email our team at info@lamzoaks.com along with their business name, website, and 3-4 sentences of why they should be considered. After your submission, our team will take it from here and begin to vet the recommended vendor. 

Is There A Membership Fee To Become A LamzOaks Preferred Vendor?

  • Yes, we do obtain a membership fee. Email: info@lamzoaks.com to receive membership packages. 

How Do You Choose Vendor Partners For LamzOaks?

  • Choosing a Vendor Partner for LamzOaks is a something we take seriously, we review potential vendors portfolio, experience and their time in the industry. We also love recommendations by recent brides or industry experts. We look for potential vendors that are passionate about the African culture and have offered outstanding services

Do I Have To Be African To Be A Vendor?

  • No you don’t have to be African to be a vendor, but we require you to have experience in African Weddings and events

How do I apply to become a LamzOaks Preferred Vendor?